4 monster apocalypse brain-weapons from archaeologists

Wednesday’s Brain Burger, “Archaeologists Save the World from Vampires, Zombies and monsters,” illuminated the many things archaeologists are teaching us that might be useful in the coming monster apocalypse.

Here’s a quick, compact, survival-kit-sized list of  4 things the brainy diggers do to save the world from the dark creepies:

  1. Bulgarian archaeologists have uncovered over 100 “vampire” burials showing medieval methods of preventing the dead from rising.
  2. Cave paintings discovered by archaeologists of half-man/half-beast creatures dating back tens of thousands of years suggest that we might want to take our werewolf “myths” more seriously than we do.
  3. Archaeologists in Guatemala are decoding 2,000-year-old Mayan monster art to determine why their cities were suddenly abandoned.
  4. Could depictions of headless bodies excavated by archaeologists at ancient Egyptian sites be proof of a zombie history we need to learn from?

Archaeologists: Gutsy people with brains – we’ll need them on our team at doomsday!

Chris Everheart is author of the YA thriller


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