The Dewey Digital System

5 ancient books you can view and read online – in today’s Burger Bite.

The ancient Isaiah Scroll from the Dead Sea collection

  1. Discovered in a desert cave in the 1940s, the Dead Sea Scrolls are the oldest surviving biblical and extra-biblical texts. The digitization project, a partnership between Google and the Israel Antiquities Authority started in 2010 and is expected to continue until 2016.
  2. In April 2012, the British Library in London acquired for US$14 million a hand-scribed Gospel of St. John entombed with British cleric St. Cuthbert in the 9th century and immediately imaged the book in digital format for worldwide public study.
  3. The Bhagavad Gita, the 700-verse section of the sacred epic poem the Mahabharata, dates as far back as the 4th century BCE. Considered one of the axial Hindu scriptures, it is a guide to effective spiritual living and was Mahatma Ghandi’s favorite book.
  4. Homer’s epic tale of Odysseus’s journey home to his beloved Penelope from the battle of Troy is believed to have been first composed around the 8th century BCE and considered a foundational work of Western literature. The oldest known manuscript of The Odyssey dates from the 10th-11th century CE.
  5. For over 3,500 years, the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead has magically guided souls to the heavens, intrigued scholars, and fascinated viewers. The earliest known translation dates from 1805, leaving millennia of onlookers in the dark about its contents.

The hieroglyphic Egyptian Book of the Dead depicts the ceremony where the deceased’s heart
is weighed to judge purity.

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