Spread the Conspiracy: Read

A manifesto for a new secret movement.

Inside every book characters conspire to change their world. [The Reading Conspiracy tagline and logo are available for free use.]

There’s a secret world beneath the surface of everyday life. Deep in this underground realm, people of all types meet for common purposes, negotiate relationships, confront darkness and deceit, struggle to overcome limitations, find love amidst chaos, plan to overthrow tyranny, face overwhelming challenges, and take action great and small. It’s a training ground for the mind, a launching pad for the spirit, a society with rituals, codes, and role models all its own. The secret world is: Reading.

We need fresh recruits to adopt the vision, pass the word, spread the conspiracy. Who are the best candidates? Teens.

Why do we want teens to be the future of this bold movement? Because adventuring in the world below the surface changes the way people view, react to, and act in the world above. Developing a love of reading while young is a guarantee that information, enjoyment, and inspiration can be easily accessed and spread throughout life for the development of one’s self, one’s society, and one’s world. It puts the power into the hands of the coconspirator.

That’s the theme of this weekend’s TeenLitFest: Spread the Conspiracy: Read. I am partnering on the event with the youth librarians at the Johnson City Public Library. Yellow Rocket Media created the theme, tagline, and logo for the event and for continued use by any library school or reading group who wants to use it. As the feature event of the day, we’re holding the official book release party for THE LEAGUE OF DELPHI, selling and signing books as a fundraiser for the teen and ‘tween book clubs.

Reading provides a meeting place within the mind, a forum  with a unique combination of privacy, intimacy, wisdom, and connection where people of all walks of life can:

  • Explore and discover within the privacy of their mind
  • Think freely and critically
  • Strengthen their personal characteristics
  • Access the information and wisdom of the ages
  • Gain inspiration
  • Access passion and develop the soul
  • Learn courage
  • Decide to take action

Englishman Sir Richard Burton explored the hidden world and wrote about it in the Nineteenth Century.

We learn and gain inspiration from those who have done what we want to do, who have gone before us and sent messages back. Unlike other conspiracies, the reading conspiracy is not about defining agendas for others and determining outcomes. It’s about giving teens the tools to explore their options and access the basic, subtle resources they need to develop their dreams and accomplish their plans.

This conspiracy has the broadest membership of any the world has ever seen – the entire world of teens with curious minds and determined hearts. So, all young readers are invited to … Spread the Conspiracy: Read.

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 other reasons to learn to love reading:

  1. Eventually you’ll want to know what’s in that Cap’n Crunch you’ve been eating your whole life.
  2. Believe it or not, graffiti artists are sometimes trying to tell you something – with words.
  3. If our country ever really does go all “Hunger Games” you’ll be the one person able to read the old, dried up newspapers insulating the walls of your shack to figure out how it got that way.
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