Thank You Is A Great Start

I believe the world is experiencing a “gratitude deficit.” You can quote me on that.

Saying “Thank You” just got cool.

Conversations (inside and outside our heads) focus on what’s missing, what’s wrong, what we don’t want. If we keep repeating this chant, what will we get? More! More of what’s missing, what’s wrong, and what we don’t want. Even the fact that we live in one of the most affluent societies the earth has ever known can’t overcome the negativity we repeat to ourselves. This is not a recipe for happiness.

What’s the remedy? Gratitude. When we say “Thank You,” even for the things we say we don’t want, we connect ourselves to the Greater Mind, resulting in peace and perspective – if we’re willing to accept it.

Dogs say “Thank You” with their tails all year long.

And we’ve made it really easy. We have a day called Thanksgiving for which the main purpose (whether we remember it or not) is saying “Thank You” for everything in our lives. It’s on the calendar so we can’t forget it. Businesses are closed so we can’t be distracted. People break from their daily routine so it can’t be mistaken for an average day. One day of saying “Thanks” is a great start, so let’s keep it rolling!

This year, let’s take “Thank You” from Thursday back into the average days. Like a New Year’s resolution, let’s make a Thanksgiving Resolution to be grateful, express gratitude, and live as if our souls’ most simple and basic needs are being met – because gratitude is one of those needs!

They’re even teaching babies how to say “Thank You.”

For the next 12 months, let’s share in an experiment to see if there can ever be such a thing as a “gratitude surplus.”

I’ll start: Thank You.

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 unexpected side-effects of long-term exposure to gratitude:

  1. Sudden and unexpected upward curvature of the mouth. Condition is temporary but repeatable.
  2. Mild psychosis characterized by a sense of satisfaction and calm.
  3. Inability to form words of explanation when others see your new, peaceful manner and ask, “Are you OK?”
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One thought on “Thank You Is A Great Start

  1. Ann

    Thank you.

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