All We Got Was This Cave Painting

Early hunter-gatherers left 5,000 cave paintings as souvenirs of their lost era.
Burgos cave 1

Abstract vacation photos from a bygone era (we’re not talking the 1950’s here).

Archaeologists in northeastern Mexico recently discovered all the deals they’ve been missing. In a ravine cave complex near the town of Burgos, at least three different groups of ancient hunter-gatherers painted human, animal, landscape, and abstract depictions in eleven locations over a number of generations. And no one knew about this (literal) hole in the wall destination!

“The discovery is important,” said  Mexican National Institute of Anthropology (INAH) archaeologist, “because we have documented the presence of pre-Hispanic groups in Burgos, where before it was said there was nothing.”

Ramirez’s team is still working to date the artwork, which is difficult because seasonal rains have constantly washed away the sedimentary layers that are typically used to peel back the geological clock.

Exceptional natural preservation makes ancient postcards available today.

Exceptional natural preservation makes ancient postcards available today.

To further confound their dating efforts, any original tribes who could have provided clues to the pre-Columbian life of the region took a permanent vacation centuries ago. Archaeologist Martha Garcia Sanchez, who is involved in the study, said, “These groups escaped the Spanish rule for almost 200 years because they fled to the Sierra de San Carlos where they had water, plants and animals to feed themselves,” she said.

Some of the images are of exceptional quality, rivaling those of the American Southwest and even Europe – a high-def postcard in stone from a long forgotten hotspot.

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 reasons to go souvenir hunting in a cave:

  1. Ancient exotic animal skeletons make better pets than any live impulse purchase.
  2. Open on rainy days.
  3. The deeper you go, the deeper the discounts!
Chris Everheart is author of the YA thriller
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