Surviving the Edit

Or “What to Do When You’re Done (for now)”

Don't wake the writer - or feed him, or lend him money.

Don’t wake the writer, or feed him, or lend him money. The Delphi 2 manuscript edit is done (for now). I’m going to take a little nap.

If you’re wondering what writers do after a literary accomplishment, here’s my list of 10 basic things to do after a grueling round of manuscript edits:

  1. Recondition brain to real-world, nonviolent, non-dark-conspiracy, positively reinforced existence – and take out the garbage.
  2. Apologize to spouse/life partner, children, friends (if you have any left), business partners, pets (including fish), neighbors, neighbors’ fish, grocery store clerks, coffee servers (especially them), and anyone else who crossed your path the last few days – for being a crabby, distant, selfish, impatient, smelly jerk.
  3. Pay speeding tickets collected between home and coffee shop.
  4. Send thank you note to editor (nullifying all mumbled nasty comments).
  5. Vow to clean office and make it a nicer place to write (reducing said speeding tickets).
  6. Go to the gym – you look like hell.
  7. Eat a meal including ingredients that will reverse the food-based self-embalming process started in the last few days.
  8. Get some guilt-free sleep.
  9. Read a book that you can’t make changes to.
  10. For gods’ sake, shave!

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 nice things about finishing a manuscript:

  1. Lights on at 8AM, lights out at 10PM.
  2. Euphoric dreams of captivating teen readers with your written words – until that Collins chick releases her next book.
  3. Ah, who’re you kidding? You won’t be finished until the printer pries it from your cold, dead fingers!
Chris Everheart is author of the YA thriller
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One thought on “Surviving the Edit

  1. At last! Someone with real exteiprse gives us the answer. Thanks!

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