Reader & Guinness #15

A reluctant reader comic strip.
Reader gets his first existential philosophy lesson - without knowing it - from Guinness.

Reader gets his first existential philosophy lesson from Guinness – without knowing it.

To be fair, it may a little early to expect a middle-grader – especially one as distracted as Reader – to know quotes from the great philosophers.  In a wireless world a robotic guinea pig with a cell-phone-chip brain has the advantage.

  • Who are Reader & Guinness? They are the world’s most distracted reluctant reader and the better-read robotic guinea pig he accidentally built from random parts while bored in biology class.
Chris Everheart is author of the YA thriller described as “unputdownable” and “will draw in even the most reluctant readers”:
THE LEAGUE OF DELPHI: Book I of the thrilling Delphi Trilogy

A lone teen. A suspicious death. An ancient conspiracy.

Read it now – before the October 2013 release of
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