Put It on the Books

A 100-library drop-in tour starts somewhere near the beginning

I’m not loitering, officer – I don’t have time. (At Catawba County Central Library, Newton, NC)

You might think I’m crazy. The librarians might think I’m crazy. The kids might think I’m crazy. The wife … well, she’s just happy I’m getting out of the house. But I’ve set a goal to visit 100 community and school libraries by December 31.

Why on earth would I do this?! Because I was born four decades too late. Because I still value the face-to-face meeting over the social media experience. Because I like to share oxygen with the person I’m communicating with. And because I feel a debt to libraries and librarians that can’t be repaid in ones-and-zeroes.

With Barb at Danville, IL Public Library. I'm so grateful for the librarians who always pretend to be happy to see me.

With Barb at Danville, IL Public Library. I’m so grateful for the librarians who always pretend to be happy to see me.

I was a reluctant reader as a kid. I was slow and ashamed and intimidated by books. But the library was always open when I wanted to peruse the books with pictures or cool covers. Back then a multi-media experience that included putting on headphones was rare and precious. Books dominated and were still there when I learned to love them later. I’ll admit I was irritated when the librarians shushed me, but to tell the truth the library was one of the few quiet places in my world. I want to pay a little back.

I started the drop-in visits back in July on my mini-tour to Minnesota and Chicago. (I hope you’ll give me those as credit toward 100.) I went great, so I decided to keep doing it. On each drop-in visit I’m donating a copy of The League of Delphi: Book I of The Delphi Trilogy to the library’s YA collection and asking how I can help with their reading programs. I’ve gotten such warm reception on visits so far that I’ve decided to make it for-real and set a huge goal – 100 or bust! (I hope it’s 100 instead of bust.)

The libraries I visit are chosen somewhat randomly, based on who’s between home and an event I’m traveling to. I’ll be announcing my schedule as I roll. Maybe this crazy, wandering author will drop in at your local library.

Follow my progress in photos on Facebook.

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 other great things about visiting 100 libraries:

  1. 100 opportunities to rekindle a librarian crush.
  2. Late fees so big the governor will finally have to pay attention to me.
  3. 100 moments of deafening silence. Ahhhh….


Paperback amazon Delphi Deception

Delphi 2 kindle

Ingram Delphi Deception

Readers rave about The Delphi Trilogy:

“Read. This. Book! Each chapter leaves you on the edge of your seat, and it all leads up to one of the most exciting endings I’ve read in a long time.”

“It has it all: romance, intrigue and suspense… and very well written characters.”

“From the very first page to the very last page I felt like I was on this wild ride.”

“Even the most reluctant of reluctant readers will have a hard time putting these books down.”

Thriller authors agree:
“The Delphi Deception is a masterpiece! It’s an edge-of-your-seat ride filled with mystery and suspense.”
~Heather Burch, author of the critically acclaimed Halflings series.
“An intriguing premise. Everheart’s latest page-turner is packed with mystery, secrets and surprises.”
Steven James, award-winning author of Placebo and Quest for Celestia.
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8 thoughts on “Put It on the Books

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  7. Hey sounds like a fun goal. If you want to visit my school library they would love to have you. Our librarian has already requested some help for their reading program from our local PTO group which just started. But a visit from an actual published author would be fun for the kids and the staff both. If you are interested it is Williamsburg Independent in Williamsburg, KY and our librarian there is Mrs. Tammy Lowrie. Have fun on your tour and goodluck on meeting your goal.

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