100 Libraries – Done

100 libraries by year’s end – check. Now what?
The final frontier - SE Kentucky, SW Virginia and NE Tennessee.

The final frontier – SE Kentucky, SW Virginia and NE Tennessee.

Happy Old Year! And 2013 was a happy one for one maniac with a car, a map of libraries, and a book to give away. (I’m the maniac.) The 100-Library Tour was officially accomplished last Monday, December 30th and I couldn’t be more excited. Did I say exhausted? Because I needed a day or two to recover.

If you’ve never been to Southeastern Kentucky or Southwestern Virginia, there are two things you need to know – one: there are big, big mountains between towns; and two: there are great libraries and librarians.

With nine libraries to go, my friend Scott and I set out New Years Eve-eve to hit the century mark before the ball dropped – next day at midnight (OK, maybe I didn’t cut it that close). We drove down interstates, onto US highways, via state byways, over mountains, through forests, and past coal mines.

Around 11AM had a great visit with the ladies at the Scott County Library in Gate City, VA. They work with the high school on reading programs and asked if I could come back for a visit with the kids. I can’t wait!

After a drop-in at Pennington Gap, VA, we went on to Harlan, KY. They have newly remodeled library downtown that still smells like paint. Don’t take my word for it – pay them a visit. They now have The League of Delphi: Book I of The Delphi Trilogy on their teen shelf, too.

We visited the library at Cumberland, KY then went up, up, up a mountain then down into a valley to Whitesburg, KY. They’re way up there in the mountains and have a big library with very active youth reading programs. I was glad to give Vicki a book for her teens. Next was Neon, KY (not a joke – check the picture), followed by Jenkins, KY and Wise, VA.

ONE MORE TO GO! But it was getting late. We stopped in Big Stone Gap, VA at 5:01 – one minute after library closing. Argh!

#100 Traci and Cindy at the Mt. Carmel, TN library. Thanks, guys!

#100 Traci and Cindy at the Mt. Carmel, TN library. Thanks, guys!

Luckily, I had scoped out a safety. The tiny city library at Mt. Carmel, TN was a godsend, open until 8PM – and Lucky Number 100! Cindy and Traci welcomed me with open arms and seemed delighted to top off the library tour. I’m so grateful for their participation and hope I can return the favor sometime.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Libraries give our communities so much all year. Please consider supporting your local library. If you’re looking for a fun way to do that, check out Geek the Library.

Want to know how all this got started? Check it out hereSee photos on Facebook.

Happy New Year, everyone! If I visited your library last year, thank you. If I didn’t visit you, I hope I get a chance to see you soon.

I hope 2014 is a great year for you, full of love and opportunity.

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 things to do after you visit 100 libraries:

  1. Hurry up and return all those overdue books. People are going to jail for that kind of procrastination these days!
  2. Get new tires. The mountain library drives are killer on the treads.
  3. Take a nap – in the 920 section where it’s always quiet.


Paperback amazon Delphi Deception

Delphi 2 kindle

Ingram Delphi Deception

What librarians are saying about The Delphi Trilogy:

“The League of Delphi by Chris Everheart is super suspenseful and unputdownable in the best sense of the word. A great readalike for kids who have plowed through Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games. We have multiple copies of the book and they have not been on the shelf since we bought them. Teen patrons have loved The League of Delphi.” – Hannahlily Smith, Teen Coordinator, Johnson City Public Library, Johnson City, TN.

“Fast-paced and well written, this thrilling mystery sucks readers in and leaves them anxiously waiting for the next installment of the trilogy. This is exactly the type of book teens enjoy and it will draw in even the most reluctant readers.” – Kiersten Doucette, Teen Services Librarian, Naperville Public Library, Naperville, IL

Readers rave about The Delphi Trilogy:

“Read. This. Book! Each chapter leaves you on the edge of your seat, and it all leads up to one of the most exciting endings I’ve read in a long time.”

“It has it all: romance, intrigue and suspense… and very well written characters.”

“From the very first page to the very last page I felt like I was on this wild ride.”

“Even the most reluctant of reluctant readers will have a hard time putting these books down.”

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3 thoughts on “100 Libraries – Done

  1. Wonderful! Way to go. Now we need to get you back on the show to tell us all how it went.

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