What Happens at Comic Con …

… get’s broadcast all over the world, so behave yourself!
Crank the kid-bot introduces bio-kids to the "Hub's Adventures" books.

Crank the kid-bot introduces bio-kids to the “Hub’s Adventures” books.

Business has definitely taken me away from blogging the last few weeks. Some of you may not know that my “day job” is as a sales representative for an educational book distributor. It’s a great job, visiting school librarians and teachers every day! The school year has already started in our region and I have been on the streets – and the road – and away from my leisure time writing.

Last weekend, though, I broke away to Chicago for the Wizard World Comic Con. We had a great weekend, introducing our sixth-grader robot, Crank, to hundreds of kids and selling and signing over 175 books.

A comic con is a great, friendly atmosphere with dozens of artists and retailers (I think I counted 10 full-scale comic book stores set up in the exhibit hall) and thousands of participants rolling through – some costumed, some sightseeing, some looking for that special comic/sci-fi/horror-related item. I had an artist’s table with all my youth books – including the newly released “Hub’s Adventures” books, hot off the press for the event.

The green robot you see in the photo above was built by a sculptor friend based on my illustrator’s depiction of my sixth-grader robot character in “Hub’s Adventures.” He was a big hit with the kids, introducing them to stories of the future where humans and robots will be best friends.

A spider-man stopped by to get some "Hub's Adventures" books!

A spider-man stopped by to get some “Hub’s Adventures” books!

I also found a very robust market for my books – the perfect market for a guy with my temperament. I love meeting people, especially kids interested in reading. Many parents bought books for their kids – and some kids spent their show budgets on my books! I’m very grateful for all the attention and for the purchases, which make more books and more show appearances possible.

The Delphi Trilogy books sold very well, too, introducing teen readers to the first two books in advance of Book III’s release October 1.

Next, I plan to be at the Wizard World in Nashville (a little closer to home) September 26-28. I look forward to meeting more readers there and at other comic cons.


Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 great things about being at comic con:

  1. People assume my unfashionable clothes are some kind of costume.
  2. I can yell, “Look! It’s Spiderman!” and no one calls the cops on me.
  3. All day long I get to pretend I’m living in an A-ha music video with other cartoon characters.


Paperback amazon Delphi Deception

Delphi 2 kindle

Ingram Delphi Deception
THE DELPHI REVELATION: Book III of The Delphi Trilogy available October 2014!
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