Youth Books

Recon Academy graphic novels and Superman Toys of Terror are published by Stone Arch Books, which specializes in books for reluctant and struggling readers. These books are “library bound,” meaning the cover art is printed right onto the hard cover.


Recon Academy graphic novels are about a group of kids with special skills who run an anti-terrorism unit out of a secret headquarters in their middle school. They battle their own limitations, the elements and archenemies Shadow Cell to save their high-tech town of Seaside.

Shadow Cell Scam (Recon Academy) Prep Squadron (Recon Academy)

Nuclear Distraction (Recon Academy)The Hidden Face of Fren-Z (Recon Academy) Superman Toys of Terror (Super Dc Heroes)

I used to think that it’s easy for me to write for young adults and kids because I’m 12 years old inside. Then my wife told me I’m actually 8 years old inside, so I feel pretty lucky to be sophisticated enough to write books based on my childish imagination.

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  1. So, it’s a good match… 😉

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