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NOW AVAILABLE – Hub and Crank’s first 3 adventures!


Hub and Crank techno-mysteries hit the shelves Fall 2014!

Hub and Crank techno-mysteries hit the shelves Fall 2014!

When Hub gets to 6th grade, he has more than a new school to be excited about. He has also met his first robot friend, Crank. Together, their curiosity gets them into techno-mysteries around school and home that they need to solve to prove their smarts.

Just one of the upcoming books about Hub and Crank's techno-mysteries.

Just one of the upcoming books about Hub and Crank’s techno-mysteries.

Their first three adventures are available now.

In “Crank and the Power Problem” the boys race around the halls of their junior high school to fix Crank’s power outages and memory loss before the adults find out and sentence him to serious repairs.

“The Runaway Protobot” – a simple bot designed to do a simple task – threatens to ruin Hub’s good grade in Botology by escaping and running amuck in the neighborhood.

Hub and Crank must team with a bio girl and a girl-bot to get an ancient space ship back on the ground and avert “The Field Trip Disaster.”

School and Library Visits

Crank hits the road to teach kids about technology, robots, reading, and how to get along with friends who are different.

Crank and his bio creator, Chris Everheart, visit kids to talk tech, mysteries, and reading.

“It was a pleasure to have Chris Everheart present a program at our library. He not only brought his reading robot, Crank, but also gave the children an informational history of robots using graphics. He captivated the children with his appropriate age level presentation. When he finished reading from one of his new books, the children had their hands up anxious to answer recap questions that Chris posed. I would definitely ask Chris to come again to offer another STEM program at the library.”
– Betty Cobb, Youth Services Manager, Johnson City Public Library

Contact the author for information about school and library visits or other events.

Order Hub’s Adventures books at our publisher’s website here.


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