Books For Teens

Check out the YA thriller series that’s keeping readers turning the pages!
The Delphi Trilogy
Book I, Book II, & a short prequel.

Book I, Book II, & a short prequel.


Plus more YA reads by Chris Everheart


Flicker: a short psycho-thriller

It won’t take you long to consume this short story – it will take even less time for it to consume you!

flicker a short psycho thriller coverIn a high school crowded with kids, Ben fights a solitary battle against a sadistic bully, crushing pressure to achieve … and a gruesome, menacing shadow bent on stealing his soul.

Chris Everheart, author of the riveting YA thriller series The Delphi Trilogy, takes a step deeper into the dark with Flicker: a short psycho-thriller and delivers a hauntingly compelling story that makes the spine tingle and the mind reel.

Readers are raving about Flicker: “[It’s] like looking at a painting that unsettles you but you don’t know what to say about it, you just can’t stop thinking about it.”   “… it speaks volumes on the angst that could afflict and drive insane a young person today. The particular shadow in Flicker was supernatural, but, unfortunately, it has possible ‘relatives’ in the real world that assume other forms.”

Flicker confronts teen issues like bullying, parent-child relationships, and pressure to achieve in an unnerving and thought-provoking format.

amazon kindle - League of Delphi


ZomProm: a high school zombie romance
The hearts that are still beating will beat faster at this prom.
Candy ruined prom. Now she has to save it with help from her favorite zomboy.

Candy ruined prom. Now she has to save it with help from her favorite zomboy.

Prom is doomed and it’s all Candy’s fault. All she wanted was a date with Ryan for the big night. Instead, she unleashed a plague that turned the world’s teen boys into zombies. Facing a school full of angry girls with paid-for prom dresses and no dates, Candy has to prove that undead Ryan is still a good guy. Then she needs to convince him and the other zomboys to help her save prom.

Grab the thrilling, chilling, heart-thumping romance adventure novella on Kindle or Nook today – before the zomboy-pocalypse spreads!

amazon kindle - League of Delphi

Nook_logoNo Kindle or Nook device? You can read e-books like ZomProm on the computer you have:

Reading Kindle books without a Kindle

Reading Nook books without a Nook


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  1. Glad to hear you liked TTB! You will be happy to know that I just finished wrtinig the final chapter of Unbound today. I have sent it off for copy editing and everything seems to be on track for an end-of-July release date. Thanks for reading!

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