Author Visits

I highly recommend Mr. Everheart as a presenter.  Our teens were entertained, comfortable, and motivated following his visit with us.”
– Regina M. Townsend, Forest Park Public Library


A passion for connecting kids with books

As a childhood reluctant reader turned award-winning author of books for young readers, I’m passionate about connecting children and teens with books.

I understand from the inside the challenges teachers, librarians, and parents face motivating their kids to enjoy reading and learning. I experienced firsthand the childhood frustration and low self-esteem that result from reading and learning deficiencies.

A visit with an enthusiastic author who’s overcome learning difficulties helps make reading relevant and achievable to even the most reluctant of readers.

How I do it

Book events are fun and interactive when teens are engaged in the activities.

I deliver lively talks, fun activities, and open Q&A sessions that engage even the most reluctant of readers. Creating an interactive experience for everyone taps into the natural energy and curiosity of young students.

My prepared presentations are an easy way to connect your readers with the larger world of reading and writing. I also develop customized presentations to fit your program and event needs.

Read more below. And please contact me to tell me about your readers and writers, your goals, and how I can help make your programs a success.

Small group and large group events.

125 teens at our first-annual Teen Lit Fest, Johnson City Public Library, Johnson City, TN.

Large groups, small groups

Large groups require a special sensitivity to the audience and quick response to their needs and feedback. I was that skeptical teen at one time, waiting for someone to engage me, so I know how to make an effective connection.

Managing and leading the energy and attention of the audience is a skill I enjoy applying with bigger groups. Everyone can be entertained. Anyone can participate.

Author Chris Everheart is a pleasure to work with! He is very flexible, generous with his time, and has provided everything we need to have a great event for teens!”
– Kiersten Doucette, Naperville Public Library

DSC04373 - Version 2

With readers and writers at Forest Park Public Library.

Small group events are a snap with a good story and read-along format. Each participant gets a copy of the story in a booklet, which becomes the focal point for discussing reading and story development.

This activity really engages kids by concentrating attention in the room, eliciting their thoughts on what we’ve just read together, and on the experience of interacting with the author in real time.

Energy and connection

As a childhood reluctant reader turned author, I believe that the key to a great author visit is energy! Kids respond to the enthusiasm and connection that an energetic and understanding presenter brings. They take that enthusiasm with them and put it into their learning activities.

Cast the Book

The “Cast the Book” activity engages participants in the story by encouraging them to choose the right actors for the main roles in a movie version. (with YA authors Megan Sheperd and Steven James)



Keynote addresses and organizational speeches are an important part of connecting with youth and adults alike. Overcoming the personal and family obstacles in my life has strengthened and educated me. I love sharing my experience and hope with audiences of all sizes. Read an example, a speech I gave to the graduating class of a boys’ residential program.

How can I help make your programs and events a success?

I would love to talk about what I can do for your reading and writing programs. Please contact me.

I share my passion for books and reading with the media
Author Chris Everheart discusses his own difficulties with reading and some options to help struggling readers.
Author Chris Everheart discusses his own difficulties with reading and some options to help struggling readers.


I would love to talk about what I can do for your reading and writing programs. Please contact me.


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