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The Burger is Back!

Where has my blog – Brain Burgers – been for the last few weeks? Well, where the brain goes the burger goes, too.
Brain Burger on a Break: Writing; Editing; Working; Traveling; Speaking.

Brain Burgers on a Break: Writing; Editing; Working; Traveling; Speaking.

Someone asked YA author Rick Riordan on Twitter “Why don’t you blog?” He tweeted something like, “If I blog I won’t have as much time to write books.” I know what he means. Writing is work and, because there’s no clock to punch or boss to shake their head in disapproval, a lot of things can get in the way. Blogging is a little bit of work, too – and a lot of things get in the way.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I’ve been writing a lot. Over the winter and into spring, I wrote three books on contract that should be coming out next year. I also wrote the first couple of drafts of the last Delphi Trilogy book, titled THE DELPHI REVELATION. Then over the last couple of weeks I wrote a short novel that I’m thinking of expanding into a bigger novel (if my agent likes it).

Editing is a big part of writing – often more work than writing that first draft. [Hint to aspiring writers: I say there are 3 stages of a manuscript – Done; Right; Good. Maybe I’ll burger on that sometime soon ;)] So, editing on three books plus the Delphi III draft has taken a lot of time. But it’s an absolutely necessary part of the process. No book comes out right the first time. Heaven help me, though, I hope I’m getting better and will need a little less editing as time goes on.

I started a new job in January that I love and the work fits me perfectly. I visit school librarians and sell books for a very well-respected company. Meeting with dozens – if not hundreds – of librarians this year alone has been great. Come fall, I want to start giving them a quick interview and posting their answers on Facebook, Twitter, and here on Brain Burgers. I love those librarians!

Traveling is part of that job because I cover a good-sized territory here around the Mountain Empire. I like a good road trip, so hopping in the car and going a couple of days a week is always fun. But it does take a lot of time – time I might otherwise be writing or blogging. So, there’s that.

I spoke to three groups of 100+ students at Delphi Middle/High School.

I’m one of those weirdos who likes speaking in public. (At Delphi Middle/High School in April.)

Some of that traveling has been for speaking engagements and author visits with schools and libraries. The highlight of the year so far was my visit with the school and library at Delphi, Indiana in April. You read about it in my post “Home to Delphi”. But that’s certainly not all for the year. I’ve got a few author visits lined up with public libraries for the summer. I’m one of those weirdos who loves speaking to an audience, so don’t fret for me. In fact, if you’ve got anything you’ve always wanted to say in front of a large audience but have been afraid to, send it to me and I’ll see if I can slip it it.

So, yeah, I plan to start blogging again regularly, if you’ll keep sharing your time and attention with me. Blogs, like books, are meant to be read. So keep I’ll Brain, you Burger, and we’ll keep this thing rolling.

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 reasons to start reading Brain Burgers again:

  1. No trans fats.
  2. If you don’t give the author your attention he’ll just go get attention on the street – and none of us wants that.
  3. You can tell everyone you found a burger that’s calorie-free.


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Monsters of Archaeology

“Frankenstein” mummies of Scotland rise from the grave to scare the bejeebers out of us rational modernites!
Meet Jeff, Troy, Annie, Pierce, Britta, Shirley, and maybe even Abed - a "Frankenstein" mummy of Cladh Hallan. c.1600-1300 BCE

Meet Jeff, Troy, Annie, Pierce, Britta, Shirley, and maybe even Abed – a “Frankenstein” mummy from the community of Cladh Hallan, Scotland (c.1600-1300 BCE). – The Telegraph-UK

Didn’t the Burger tell you about the great job archaeologists have been doing keeping us safe from the monsters waiting to rise from the dust of the past? Well, here’s another example of their heroics.

Four bodies discovered in 2001 at Cladh Hallan village in Scotland have turned out to be the earliest evidence of deliberate mummification in Britain – as old as 1600 BCE. The high-acid, low-oxygen soil of ancient peat bogs like the ones in these northern isles was a perfect preservative for flesh, prompting the bronze-age people of northern Europe to use the bogs as small-scale mummy factories.

Tollund Man, Denmark's perfectly preserved bog mummy from 2,400 years ago.

2,400-year-old Tollund Man of Denmark is considered an unintentional bog mummy (note the unceremonious noose around his neck).

Immersion in a bog for a year or so was enough to preserve the body of a loved one or an important leader for the ages. It is thought that such mummies were then enshrined for centuries, included in rituals, and even consulted on topics important to their tribes. The job of interpreting a mummy’s thoughts and wisdom no doubt fell to a shaman or priest(ess), like at Delphi and other ancient oracles of the Mediterranean.

But here’s the especially fascinating and macabre thing about the mummies of Cladh Hallan – the body parts of each skeleton are from multiple individuals! Indeed, archaeologists have determined that some body parts are hundreds of years older than others – and of different genders – suggesting that the parts of long-revered mummies were reorganized and buried to sort-of graft together the limbs of multiple family trees.

According to Prof Mike Parker Pearson, an expert in the Bronze Age and burial rituals, such blending of reanimated tribal icons could have been strictly ceremonial or may have been intended to determine property rights or solidify authority. It remains unclear why these mummies were buried in graves after generations of being hosted among the inhabitants of the village.

Boris Karloff played Frankenstein's monster and the Mummy - 3 millennia after the people of Cladh Hallan perfected the mash-up.

Boris Karloff played Frankenstein‘s monster and The Mummy – three millennia after the people of Cladh Hallan perfected the mash-up.

Of course, archaeologists are sticking to the official story – that these skeletons were assembled after mummification. But Brain Burgers can put the pieces together (pun intended) and see the truth – that these were proto-Frankenstein monsters walking the earth who stumbled into the bog after a night of stalking and groaning through the village streets. Archaeologists just haven’t found the neck bolts yet. Hehe, stupid monsters.

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 other artefacts found mummified in the peat bogs of Scotland:

  1. One sock – argh!
  2. An Ancient Navy polar fleece hoodie – those things really do last forever!
  3. Twinkies (peat bog soil determined totally unnecessary for preservation)
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