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Evidence of Martian Pyramids on Earth?

Thanks to satellite technology and Google Earth enthusiasts, we no longer have to go to Mars to find new pyramids.

If you guessed Cydonia, Mars you guessed wrong. This image of a pyramid is from a satellite orbiting 400 miles above Egypt, Earth. -DiscoveryNews

Seems like a minor theme of the Brain Burgers Blog is, “They keep finding new old stuff!” Now, they’re finding new WAYS to find new old stuff. Discovery News is reporting the identification of two previously unknown Egyptian pyramid complexes from satellites orbiting 400 miles above the Earth.

The “face” on Mars’s Cydonia Region was first spotted in 1976 in images from the Viking Orbiter. Other surface features in the same region resemble pyramids. -NASA

The sites, 90 miles apart in the desert along the Nile river, were found by Angela Micol, a satellite archaeology researcher using Google Earth. The images are eerily reminiscent of the notorious satellite pictures of the surface of Mars.

And these aren’t the only possible archaeological sites on Earth discovered via satellite. Turns out there are THOUSANDS out there. The high-tech imaging of satellites has been used for years to identify anomalies on the earth’s surface. Often they turn out to be ancient trade routes, human settlements, or dried-up rivers that hosted prehistoric villages on their banks. It is said that across the Middle East, so many mounds indicating ancient human habitation have been located that we’ll never have time to explore and excavate them all.

Satellite images of a pyramid complex in Egypt. Note the alignment of three of the four features at top reflecting the known “Orion” pattern at Giza.

What makes the latest Egypt discoveries so significant among so many minor ones is summed up in a remark by another satellite archaeology researcher Sarah Parcak at the University of Alabama at Birmingham: “To excavate a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist,” she said.

And those archaeologists will be happy that they won’t have to suit up for a six-month flight to Mars to find that pyramid.

Now, here’s the cheese on this Brain Burger.

3 other unexpected things found on Earth from satellites:

  1. The Great Sandbox Face of Scooby-Doo (Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck, NY)
  2. Massive exposed vein of gold near your house
  3. The Great Mall of China

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